Integrated takes a different view from other institutions when lending money to our clients. We look at the loan more like an investment. We look at our clients more like a partner. Their success is of prime importance to our firm. While we know of no magic formula which works for all companies in all circumstances, we do believe that by consistently applying certain key principles, this practice will lead to superior performance over time. Our firm’s experience in structuring complex financial and operational solutions, as we as our ability to identify and understand legal and business management problems, enables us to assist our clients in creating value. Integrated’s restructuring expertise is unsurpassed among private equity firms. This wealth of expertise in financial restructurings allows the firm to offer creative solutions to troubled situations. Additionally, we have strong mergers and acquisitions expertise, which helps our clients not only in the pursuit of add-on acquisitions, but also in the selling of their company.


1. Leverage
Leverage can be an attractive way of enhancing equity returns. However, too much debt is not only risky but many times limits management.
We help design and implement a sound capital structure for the companies we work with, allowing them to remain competitive, spend capital wisely, and structure growth prudently. We rely on strong management, rather than financial engineering to increase the intrinsic value of the companies in which we invest.

2. Commitment to Growth
Integrated invests in companies that have the potential to grow both organically and through acquisition. We expect our clients to persue an aggressive growth plan once any existing problem has been corrected.
Such growth might be achieved through expansion, development of new markets, new product introduction, as well as the acquisition of related companies.

3. Integrated Financial Resources’ Investment Philosophy
Integrated has no predetermined time frame or preferred exit strategy for our investments. Rather, along with management, we concentrate on building value. Often in the course of improving and growing a company, there comes a logical point to realize the value we have jointly created. In such instances, we might find a buyer for the company or perhaps look to sell our position. In other cases, industry dynamics may compel an exit. Most importantly, we remain opportunistic. Occasionally, Integrated attracts unsolicited offers, which we along with management, evaluate and consider.